Holiday Office Party, Before you cut that check

The holidays are right around the corner and that means holiday office party time. Office parties are always the talk of the year. There is always that one employee that hits the floor and breaks out the “the worm” dance. You can almost guarantee the robot dance will appear at least twice. Lets not forget about The Running Man and the Cabbage Patch. It’s always fun to see the boss get out there and cut a rug too. With the popularity of line dances they are for sure “floor fillers”. I’ve never seen so many employees ready to get their “Wobble-on”.

Holiday parties are always so much fun to DJ. It’s that special time of the year were everyone gets to release a little steam and let their hair down. Everyone has smiles on their faces while funny stories are being exchanged. The phrase “do you remember when” will probably get quoted over 40 times in one night.

Its a great night to reflect on accomplishments and achievements over a great meal with co workers. Your DJ has to provide the backdrop for this exciting night. Do you want to trust this memorable night to just any DJ? While usually your DJ will not have to MC much you will want someone who is a master of their musical library. Not only knowing their songs but the right timing and arrangement are key.

Before you cut that check, how secure are you in your DJ’s music library? Even though this is a grown folks party, edited music is a must. Even some “radio” versions of today’s music can be a bit offensive to other co-workers.  So before you make your final decision or selection. spend some time interviewing your potential entertainment for the evening. Ask them to show you their playlists and how their music is organized.

I have found that more and more of today’s self-proclaimed “professional DJs” are nothing more than a club DJ trying to make a fast buck. They lack the structure and character it takes to become a true master of their profession in the private and corporate sector. Special care has to be taken with private clients to ensure them a great performance. Not only a clean playlist but the ability and ease of adjusting to the clients needs. A non-professional see themselves in the spotlight to say,”this is what you are paying for, ME”. While the professional DJ knows it’s all about the client and recreating their vision of the night.

The Dance Doctors boast an extremely robust musical library of over 130,000 song titles and music videos. All of our music has been sorted meticulously to select the right song every time. Man hours have gone into cataloging genres, decade groupings, era groupings as well as edited and unedited original music. You get a clean, reliable performance every time.




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