Interview your wedding DJ

I am a firm believer that you should interview your DJ before selecting them to provide services for your wedding. In some instances you can not personally meet with them due to destination weddings. With the add of technology and products like FaceTime you can overcome these obsticals. There are so many benefits to meeting the person behind the music before you present that deposit to hold your date.

I recently met with some potential clients for a 2016 wedding. I was referred by another DJ that had their date booked already. I do have a young company here in the Charleston area so I do not have many reviews or online testimonials. In todays day in age what other write about you carry great weight but can also be very damaging as well. So of course you could understand the future bride’s apprehension. Last thing you want on your wedding day is a DJ horror story from a low budget, unskilled wedding DJ.

the couple and I met at a local coffee shop to get a chance to meet each other. The meeting went very well and they agreed that I was what they were looking for in a DJ for their special day. Also understand that this is an opportunity for a DJ to see if they would like to take on their event as well. I have turned down jobs before because I did not feel like it would be a benefit to my company.

For an engaged couple you are looking for professionalism, trustworthiness, and a good personal presentation of your prospective DJ. For a DJ you are looking for how organized does the couple seem, are they on the same page with their vision, are they aware of what they want to happen and allotted amount of timing. When both parties are satisfied with why they wanted to meet an agreement is reached.

You want to feel good that you have made the right decision about the person you selected. I would always suggest an interview. There are a good number of well know DJs and DJ services in the area. Don’t be fooled by reviews, request to meet the actual person that will be handling your event you will be glad you did 🙂


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