July 20, 2015

Your DJ

Earl Newell Jr., originally born in Queens, New York and moved to NC at a young age in a military family. Earl is a university graduate from a UNC Collegiate University.

Earl had begun experimenting with DJing while in college. He has played for may different night clubs where he learned the importance musical arrangements and song transitions. Earl is what they call in the DJ world a “mixologist”, a DJ that can take a some and blend it into another song without gaps to create a continuous party atmosphere.

Earl is the owner of an emerging entertainment company in the lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina designed to provide entertainment for company events and weddings. He boasts a music library of endless musical genres. Providing Latin, Brazilian, Caribbean, Indian, Arabic and more popular international musical selections. He is well organized and pays attention to detail.

He has taken a huge interest into lighting and production. Just like his audio side of the business he spared no expense getting the best equipment on the market. Earl believes in Quality over quantity by investing into his future with the right tools and relationships.

love serving Charleston

love serving Charleston

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