June 26, 2015

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Professional Audio: GET A QUOTE

If you are hosting a conference or special event and you need professional audio equipment we can help. If your are in need of PA speakers, wireless handheld microphones, lapel microphones, headset wireless microphones we can help. Having good quality sound during a speech or presentation can provide a powerful impact. We use top of the line and the most advanced equipment available to insure your event goes off without a hitch.

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Audio Visual Solutions: GET A QUOTE

If your event calls for a presentation and you are in need of visual aids we can assist. We offer video and photo projection with our state of the art equipment. We offer projectors, LCD & LED TVs to display your photos, slide presentation, instructional videos and more. If you are in need of disc jockey services we also can run music videos during your event to create that WOW effect!

Quiet Audio Solutions: Quiet Kingz Headphone Events GET A QUOTE

We are the premier solution for “silent disco” in the low country. If you have never tried silent disco before you don’t know what you are missing.


Quiet Kingz Headphone Party by The Dance Doctors is an alternative to having loudspeakers during your party, celebrations, and receptions. Quiet Kingz is a great noise solution for venues and beaches that have a noise ordinance at 10pm or 11pm. All your party goers and quests wear wireless headsets to listen to the music. It is such a great time singing and dancing to the lyrics of your favorite songs.


Quiet Kingz Headphone Party by The Dance Doctors can provide you up to 3 channels of music. You have up to three different genres of music being played at the same time! What a great way to satisfy all your quests at the same time. Each headphone LED glows Red, Green or Blue indicating which channel you are listing to. The multiple colors add fun and excitement to your event.

Event Lighting Solutions:GET A QUOTE

Let’s face it, the proper lighting completes the mood of your event. We offer different lighting solutions to help your event come to life. Modern technology has provided brighter, cooler, and energy efficient LED lighting. We have a host of different LED lighting solutions to help you create the effect you are looking for. We also offer LED party lighting.

  • Cake, Floral & Table Pin spotting

A creative way to highlight wedding cakes or floral arrangements on dinner tables. In a low lighting situation using pin spotting works very well. It draws your guest’s attention to a certain point in the room. It make whatever is being illuminated stand out very well. These pin spots are very small, discreat and powerful. They can be mounted just about anywhere. Also they run on a rechargeable internal ion battery so no messy cords. GET A QUOTE

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IMG_3473 pinspot

  • Full Room Uplighting 

Uplighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your event memorable. It gives an elegant, sophisticated, sexy feeling to any room. Against walls or along architectural features these lights will bring out the best in your venue.GET A QUOTE


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  • Full Room Color Washing

Color washing a room or outside party space is a fun way to liven up your event. Whether its your bridal colors or your company’s colors we can wash the room to match. In combination with uplighting, you can create two color contrast to make the room pop! GET A QUOTE

1909694_1266544166708463_3873173672712611739_n Floral Pinspot 2

  • Tent Top & Structure Color Washing

Transform that boring white tent ceiling with a wash of color. A burst of color can provide a more elegant feel and add whimsy to your event. GET A QUOTE

colorwash colorwash1

  • Textured Pattern Projection

Pattern projections or pattern washes can add sophistication and elegance to a one dimentional surface. Applying patterns can give a plain wall character and make a boring space fun. Layer a textured pattern over a color washed wall coupled with uplighting creates an extra special focal point.GET A QUOTE



Pattern Lighting building wash Patterned Lighting Structure


  • Outdoor Uplighting

Give your outdoor event a better feel with outdoor lighting. Having an evening gala around the pool, wedding outside the plantation home, or making an impact on the grand entrance of your indoor venue. Outdoor lighting creates a great feel for your guests. Uplight palm trees, highlight architectural features, pins spotting your outdoor bar, table centerpieces, or ice sculptures. With the combination of uplights, pin spots, color wash lighting, and textured pattern projections we can bring your outdoor space to life. GET A QUOTE

  • Monograms & Logo Projection

Also we offer custom company logos or personalized wedding monogram projection. We offer static monograms and motion monograms also. We can project your monogram or logos on walls, floors, ceilings and tent ceilings also. We also offer monogram and logo projections on large flat screen projection monitors for a touch of class. Seeing your name in lights adds the finishing touch to any classy event. GET A QUOTE

12314051_1671493059788005_7294853606190068829_n Wall & Floor Monograms

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  • Big Screen Projection


Professional DJ, VJ & MC Services: GET A QUOTE

We offer professional Master of Ceremony service for your event to help keep everything running smoothly. We help to keep everything on track during your event so you dont have to. We work with your event coordinators and party planners to ensure everything happens timely.

We also provide “award winning” disc jockey and video jockey services tailored to your event. We have a huge musical library consisting of all genres of music. We keep up with the top trending music to provide you the best musical selection around. We constantly engage with fellow wedding and event DJs to stay on the cutting edge of all musical genres. We have on file all of the classic and modern selections for wedding. We provide an elegant, classy, and fun atmosphere.


clean, simple setup to keep the focus on the guests, not the DJ

Wedding After Party:

Certain venues are setup to accommodate an after party. This has been trending more an more lately. After the reception, usually the bridal party and close friends continue to celebrate into the night venturing out to a local clubs, restaurants, or bars Charleston has to offer. We offer the services of an after party at your venue. Some weddings have a band for their reception and a DJ for their after party.


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