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QuietKingz Events

The Quiet Kingz Headphone Events is a service provided by The Dance Doctors company based out of the Charleston, SC area. This service was derived initially as an afterparty solution for weddings after noise ordinance in the city. Our main focus was to provide a solution to continue the party late at night.

We quickly emerged the southeastern quiet event solution beginning in 2017 by partnering with local and out of state venues. We have since established a solid bench of party rocking DJs and event staff from the South and North Carolina areas. With this stable of entertainment we have been able to branch off and not only do “Quiet Headphone Parties” also know as “Silent Disco”, but other types of events too.

Most recently we have begun our Quiet Fitness programs and partnering with local yoga and zumba instructors. We are proud to say our client base has grown exponentially moving into 2018 with a host of new partners. 2018 holds many new events for us and continued relationships. Our next approach will be to offering our services as a fund raiser for local non-profit organizations and schools.
We look forward to seeing you at one of our next events. We also invite you to host your own event with us.

We currently are serving the following southeastern states…
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida


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